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The “Vexillum”, in ancient times, was the flag worn in battle by the armies. It was part of the signs of the people and it was the symbol under everyone was gathering to fight or to bring on his own reason.

It was representation of the honor, the reason and the culture of whoever will bring it.Milan 2012

And, following this meaning, the band VEXILLUM saw the light  in 2004 in Pisa (Italy) from an idea of the guitar player Michele Gasparri. After some months, the singer Dario Vallesi joined in, replacing Michele at the Vocals and letting him focusing only on the six-chord shredding.

They started to work together and on 2007 they released the self-produced EP “Neverending Quest”, with  guests of Vision Divine’s members Alessio Lucatti (Keyboards) and Federico Puleri (Guitar solo on a song).

The EP gets very good reviews from several magazines and webzines in Italy and also in the other countries, and it goes along with a good number of concerts.

After that, Francesco Saverio Ferraro (Bass Guitar) took stand in place of the former bass player, and the new line-up began to work on their first album.

bandSummer of 2010 was all dedicated to the studio parts as writing and recording, and at the end of January 2011 they released their first full lenght “The Wandering Notes”, under the Italian label MY GRAVEYARD PRODUCTIONS.

Again, the keyboards parts were played by the guest star Alessio Lucatti (Vision Divine), while Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire, Vision Divine, Angra) lent his voice for the duet with Dario in the song “The Traveller”.

The release brought the Vexillum to earn their place into “The Frozen Tour of Angels” with Rhapsody of Fire and Visions of Atlantis, bringing them through Europe for the whole February 2011, taking place on the most important stages and receiving a lot of agreement from crowds and critics.

After the tour Efisio Pregio, a talented drummer from Sardinia, took his place behind the drums of the band.vexillum

With the renewed line-up, Vexillum re-entered the doors of the Wanna Rock studios to recorded their second full-lenght album, called “The Bivouac”.  This album was released by the German label Limb-Music, and saw the light just a year after the first work, on September 2012.

A new album, a new tour, and this time Vexillum were called to take the road side by side with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Freedom Call and Orden Ogan, on the “Ascending to Infinity Cinematic World 793899_437451162993602_1701460018_oTour”, a 26 gigs European tour that kept busy the band on playng from November to December 2012, leading the Vexillum to get back on stage also with Freedom Call’s “Ages of Light Tour”on May 2013.

As seasons change, Vexillum moved from the tour season to the studio season, starting to work on the latest work, a masterpiece called “UNUM”.

“Unum” is a concept album, where Dario, as principal character, is accompanied through his quest by other singers that are Hansi Kursch (Blind Guardian) as “The Sentenced”, Chris Bay (Freedom Call) playing “The Jester”,  Maxi Nil (Jaded Star, ex Visions of Atlantis) returning as the Lady Thief, after being the Flame on The Bivouac’s “The Oak and Lady Flame” and Mark Boals (Malmsteen, Iron Mask, Ring of Fire) acting like “The Hermit”.Vexillum new album recording


January 2015 will tell us where this album will bring the bearers, but they sure are taking you with them, as part of them, because, as they said, you are “The smallest part of a bigger universe…you are almost invisible and howeverfull of value… you are UNUM!”